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Inside Radius Block Length
Decrease Angle Increase Angle Angle Block Width
Courses Block Height
Origin Offset Bed Joint

Course Diag @ Gauge 10 Low 10 High 20 Low 30 Low

The first (blue) measurement is the correct diagonal at Gauge. The next is the correct measurement if you're 10 mm low. The smaller red Error number is the Plumb Error for this course at this gauge error. If the Error measurement becomes significant, use the appropriate diagonal measurement for your gauge error. Circular concrete block walls

Pull your tape from the origin point and using a fine tipped white marker, mark the correct measurement for each course. Lay the blocks with their centre top to the tape mark. As any deviation to gauge will cause plumb errors, the sheet lists correct measurements for variance in gauge, as well as plumb errors for gauge variance.

Check the gauge occasionally and if the plumb error is significant, use the alternate measurement on the sheet. The calculator sets the circle or arc out to suit blocks, giving the inside and outside perp measurements and allowing you to open or tighten the perps (bond) in quarter block increments to a suitable size. It calculates the 'block + perp' outside measurement, so you can check your bond as you go around. Eg: if the outside 'block + perp' is 418 mm, and you've laid 10 blocks on the way around, 10 X 418 is 4180. Pull a tape around the outside of the arc to see if you're 'back' or 'forward'.

Decrease Angle Increase Angle

Running Bond around outside (from outside start of first (or any) stretcher, to end of each block)

Circular Raking Walls with Arch or Bullseye You can combine this Circular Wall System with the Gable Cutting System to easily build curved or circular raking walls. Neither system requires a string line, so they combine easily. You can also use the Templateless Arch System to build arches or bulls-eyes in your circular raking wall. It's easy! If you'd like more detailed info on this, please contact me.

Printable degree wheel Printable Full Scale Degree Wheels Dial in your cam!

Print large images over multiple pages How to Print Large Template Images over Multiple Pages . . . Printing to Scale Help and Plan Printing.

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Use your iPad or Android Tablet On-Site Your iPad, iPhone or Android Tablet or Phone is a valuable On-Site tool!
Lay your phone or tablet on an angled surface (roof ?) to directly measure angles and automatically calculate Roofing and Pitch Angle Apps.

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