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Concrete Volume Calculator with Edge and Internal Beams

To use this calculator, first draw the shape of your concrete slab:
Starting at top left of slab plan, enter side lengths clockwise around slab (top left to right) and hit correct direction arrow to draw sides.
The diagram will re-size and re-scale to fit the slab diagram as it grows.

Demo Try the button to see how it works.

1: Hit Clear + Start and enter Side Length of first side to draw, then hit appropriate direction (Arrow) button to draw. (Imagine you are walking around the slab) You can also use cursor

◄ ▼ ►
keyboard keys instead of arrow buttons. The Q key = Undo Last.

2: Repeat and continue to draw complete (closed) slab shape. (Don't overlap sides)

3: When shape is complete, it will fill with solid color. Enter Slab Thick, edge and internal thickenings if required, then click Calculate for results.

Clear Each Entry Clear Side Length each entry. Use cursor keys up, left, down, right
Side Length

Slab Thick Internal Thickening Length
Edge Beam Width Internal Thickening Width
Edge Beam Thick Internal Thickening Thick


Keyboard entry To enter Side Lengths and draw diagram, enter length and use direction buttons (arrows) or keyboard cursor keys

◄ ▼ ►
to draw the side. Hit Q to remove the last entered side, and C to close the diagram. You can enter multiple length sides in same direction, but cannot go back (against) the previous direction, cross or intersect any other side.

The current distance (X and Y) to start point is displayed below the Side Length entry. Draw a side at 1 of the lengths displayed to get back to a point horizontally or vertically so you can close the diagram. If the last drawn side end is in line with the start point (not diagonal), hit C to auto add the last side and close the diagram. Clicking the X or Y entry will enter its length into the Side Length box. You can then hit the appropriate direction button and then C key to close the diagram.

Check Splay Internal Edges to splay internal footing edges at 45° (see drawing).

Measure Left click in diagram, hold button down and drag to measure dimensions and area at full scale.

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Create PDF files to print diagrams on current page. Print large images over multiple pages Printing to Scale Help and Plan Printing.

Slider Controls To fine tune Slider Controls click to select and use (cursor) keyboard keys.

Use your iPad or Android Tablet On-Site Your iPhone or Android is a valuable On-Site tool!
Lay your device on an angled surface (roof ?) to directly measure angles and automatically calculate Roofing and Pitch Angle Apps.

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