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Circle Divider Templates Circle Divider Templates Enter number of increments in circle and circle diameter to create full scale printable templates.

Concrete Calculator Concrete Calculators Draw multi-sided concrete slabs and calculate concrete volumes. Includes edge beams and internal thickenings. Demo button for calculator 'How To' walk through.

Scale from image Scaling Calculator - Floor Plan Take-off Find total areas and total linear measurements for lumber, sheeting, paint etc. Load floor plan image, click and drag to measure known measurement and set scale. Click points in image to draw and add paths and areas.
Also great for Scale Modeling. See : How to use this Scaling Calculator Demo Video

Need these calculators on-site? Try the site with a Tablet or Phone and directly measure angles for input to the Roofing and Pitch Angle calculators. Lay it on an incline and tap to measure angle. Tap again to auto calculate roof, pitch, angles etc.

Stair + Stringer Plans | Baluster Spacing

Stair Calculator
Headroom - Stair and Stringer Diagrams.
Spiral Stair Calculator
Baluster Spacing Calcualtor
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Skillion, Gable & Hip Roof Framing Plans

Lay out roof rafter ridge hip and creeper framing plans
Hips Ridge Commons Jacks - Lengths Angles Cuts and Template
Diagrams - Cut Templates - Setout Plans.
Rafter Calcualtor - Gambrel Roof Geometry
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Pitch to Angle Calculator

Pitch to Angle Converter

Convert between Pitch and Angle.

Animated Diagrams.

Rise in Run
Deck Plan and Cost Calculator

Deck Cost and Plan Calculators
Deck Cost and Plan Calculators

Stumps, Bearers, Joists, Boards.
Spacings, Quantities, Costs.
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Gazebo Plans

Gazebo Plans
Calculate angles areas lengths rafters hips kingpost plumbcuts. Multi sided Gazebos!

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Printable Text Templates

Printable text and number templates

Enter text or numbers, select font, roll mouse-wheel to re-size + auto measure.

Print large text and number templates.
Pulley - Belt - Rpm

Pulley Belt RPM Calculator
Imperial   |   Metric
Tank Volumes and Dipstick

Tank volume and fluid weight with dipstick

Horizontal & Vertical Cylindrical + Rectangular Tanks - Fluid Weights.
Dipstick Charts.

Baluster Spacing
Fence Post and Panel Spacing

Baluster Spacing Calculator
Baluster and Fence Spacing and Centers

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Concrete Calculators

Multi sided concrete slabs with edge beams and internal thickenings.
Concrete Calculator
Concrete Column, Footing and Beam Calculators

Concrete column and footing calculator

Gambrel Roof Geometry

Gambrel Roof Geometry
Concrete Block Gable Cutting

Concrete Block Gable Cutting
Full Cut List - Match off-cuts - eliminate waste.
VERY fast and accurate system!
Plan Take-off Areas and Lineal

Plan Take-off App

200 Series Block Types
Where they go, core fill and rebar (reo)

200 Series concrete block types and placement
Concrete Block Quantity Estimator
Concrete Block Quantity Estimator

Easily build Templateless Arches in Circular and Raking Block Walls.
Dovetail Template Generator

Generate and print Dovetail joint templates online

Print, fold over end of wood and
cut through the template.

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Scalable Protractor Templates

Printable Protractor Templates

Printable Scalable Protractors with Arc Length by Degree Charts.

Imperial   |   Metric

Print Tickets Need to print numbered tickets? Design Tickets Free Online and Print on your Printer! Easy Step by Step Instructions. No Limits.

Use your iPad or Android Tablet On-Site Your iPad or Android Tablet is a valuable On-Site tool! Print Diagrams Printing to Scale Help

Lay your tablet on an angle to directly measure angles and automatically enter them into Roofing and Pitch Angle Calculator Apps.

Slider Controls To fine tune Slider Controls, click to select and use ◄ ► (cursor) keyboard keys.

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