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Wall Length
Rafter Thickness
Wall Width
Rafter Depth
Roof Angle
Hip Thickness
Overhang (level)
Hip Depth
Include diagram with 4 individual roof segments and dimensions (flat)
Extend Roof sheets extended past rafter ends (on angle)
Ridge Thickness
Include running measurements plan for ridge, wall and hip placement
Ridge Depth
Rafter Spacing
Hip Adjustment Birds-mouth or Chamfer Hip to drop level with common rafters

Rafter Spacing Type

Birdsmouth Seat Cut  
Calculate Plumb and Seat cuts from roof angle

Possible alternate centres

Label Diagram

Email this Calculation Creates a link to save or Email current calculation

Use < and > keyboard keys to animate roof angle. - Rafter Detail (new window)

Print rafter cutting templates, fold over rafter and cut through.

Birds-mouth Templates
Roof Angle

Circular Saw Bevel Setting Hip and Creeper Side Cut Settings If using a Circular Saw or Compound Mitre saw, set saw bevel angle to 45° to obtain Creeper and Hip side angles.
With the saw bevel angle set to 45°, cutting hips and creepers at the plumb cut angle will produce correct side angles.
See Saw Mitre and Blade Angle Settings

Left click, release then drag to measure at scale in diagram below - Enlarge diagram scale for more accurate measurements.


Print full scale templates and fold over wood. Cut through template or place on compound mitre saw to set angles.

Show Adjustments for Dutch Gable

Optimum Creeper Length?
From the optimum creeper length you can cut 1st + last, 2nd + 2nd last, 3rd + 3rd last etc creepers.

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Use your iPad or Android Tablet On-Site Your iPhone or Android is a valuable On-Site tool!
Lay your device on an angled surface (roof ?) to directly measure angles and automatically calculate Roofing and Pitch Angle Apps.

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