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Tread Thickness
Riser Thickness
Stair Width
Total Rise must be greater than Floor Thickness + Headroom to display in plan

Floor Thickness

  Select 'Use Total Run' above to lock Total Run and adjust individual Runs, or 'Use Ideal Run' to adjust Total Run and Angle

Running Stringer Points (up stringer)

Running Stringer Points (up stringer)

Min stringer throat depth Check local building regulations for minimum stringer throat depth.
Enter 'Total Rise' of stairs, from lower floor to top of upper floor, allowing for floor coverings etc. Select 'Ideal Rise' from drop-down. The number of rises and actual rise is calculated to fit closest to selected ideal rise. After calculating and re-drawing stair plan diagram, a drop-down list of possible alternate rises is displayed. Select alternatives to re-calculate and display stair plan diagram.

For notched stringers, mark out running measurements along stringer, then mark a framing square as shown (or attach Stair Gauges) to layout notch cut-outs. Or cut a template at the size shown and use to mark out notches along the stringer.

Run options include:

Ideal Run - Use selected run to calculate total run.
Total Run - Calculate runs from total run entered.
Use Angle - Runs are calculated to suit entered stair angle.
Calculate Run - Runs are calculated by formula: Run = 24~1/2" - (rise * 2)

Add or subtract a single rise with the +Rise or -Rise buttons to re-calculate and re-draw stair diagram.

For concrete stairs, select 'Concrete Thickness' and enter the throat thickness (see diagram) and 'Stair Width' to calculate formwork dimensions and concrete volume. For wood stairs, select 'Stringer Width' and enter the width of the stringer.

To calculate and display upper floor opening and stair headroom, enter upper floor thickness, check the 'Headroom' check-box and select either the 'Headroom' or 'Floor Opening' radio button. Selecting 'Headroom' calculates upper floor opening from entered headroom. Selecting 'Floor Opening' calculates headroom from entered floor opening.
If your floor opening is unchangeable, select 'Floor Opening' and 'Use Total Run' to see if you can get an acceptable fit.

Save ink when printing Printing Tips: Uncheck 'Color' to re-draw stair and stringer diagrams without colour for printing. This saves inkjet or toner cartridges. If you're having trouble printing with IE, try Firefox or Chrome. If the images don't fit on the page, select 'Print Preview' and set page to 'Landscape'. Set scale to fit page before printing.

Uncheck 'Restrict' to allow extreme stair dimensions. (eg: stairs on boats - pathway stairs on sloping ground etc)

Measure to Scale Check 'Scale Rule' checkbox to display a ruler at the same scale as upper diagram. Print (100% printer scale), cut and use this scale rule to measure dimensions directly from diagram. (top diagram only)

Follow Local Building Regulations Be sure to follow local building regulations regarding all stair dimensions.

Slider Controls To fine tune Slider Controls click to select and use (cursor) keyboard keys.

Open new window containing only diagram images in current page ↓ This will better fit printed page. Printing to Scale Help
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Use your iPad or Android Tablet On-Site Your iPad, iPhone or Android Tablet or Phone is a valuable On-Site tool!
Lay your phone or tablet on an angled surface (roof ?) to directly measure angles and automatically calculate Roofing and Pitch Angle Apps.

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