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Width Pitch
Tail Thickness    
Socket Thickness Tails

Uncheck and re-calculate to remove color before printing

Dovetail Template Generator
Use template to practice your first Hand Cut Dovetails!

Printing Tips: If your printed template is not to scale, or does not fit correctly on the page, it may be fixable via printer settings. When you select 'Print' from your browsers File Menu, a dialog should appear with options and preferences for printing. Your printer should have settings for print scale, margins and page orientation (Landscape or Portrait). If your Browser has 'Print Preview' available in the File Menu, these settings should also be available here, so you can see what will be printed as you change settings.

First, set the page orientation to 'Landscape' to more easily fit the template image on the page. Next make sure any scale settings are at 100%, and 'Shrink To Fit' is not selected. If it still does not fit, try setting page margins as low as possible (0). More Print to Scale Help

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