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Set Out a Large Arc in a Confined Space with No Access to Circle Centre

If you're setting out a large radius arc in a confined area and can't reach the centre of the circle, enter arc dimensions below to find set-out points in the curve. Also see Printable Arc Templates to create printable paper templates for smaller arcs.
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Arc Width

Offset (Outer)
Sweep Angle °
Arc Area   m²
Length around Arc
Full Circle Circumference
Full Circle Area   m²

Height Increment Scale
Set Out a Large Arc in a Confined Space with No Access to Circle Centre
Inside Arc (right side bottom of diagram)

Outside Arc (left side top of diagram)

To set out a large radius arc in a confined area, enter either the maximum height of the arc (above centre of chord), or the radius of the arc, and the increment along the chord line for your set out points.

The smaller the increment, the more accurate (and smooth) the arc line will be.
Mark the base 'chord' line and increments from centre outwards, and measure 90 ° to the arc points to form the arc.
To make sure the measured points are square off the base line, mark another line parallel to the base line (above or below), square a line through the centre, mark corresponding increments and line through both increment marks to mark the arc points.

Calculate Arc Height and Width From Radius and Sweep Angle

Sweep Angle °
If you know the Radius of your arc, and the Sweep Angle, and need to find the Height and Width to draw the template, enter Radius and Sweep Angle and hit Calculate Height to calculate the height and width of the arc. Enter the Height and Width (Chord) above to draw the arc template.

Sweep° Radius Scale

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