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100 Series Concrete masonry - Mouse over Description for descriptions.
Courses Help 800 doors on bond Help 800 doors on corner
Help 800 doors on wall end An 800mm door frame in a 900mm hallway (toilet door?) will only have blockwork above it 900 hall door-tops An 800mm door frame in a 1000mm hallway (toilet door?) has blocks above the head and a quarter down one side 1000 hall door-tops
Number of squint corners Squint corners 600 wide steel door frames 600 doors 700 wide steel door frames 700 doors
1200 wide steel door frames 1200 doors Help 800 doors on edge Door on corner edge both sides. No corner blocks 800 door in 1100 dogleg
Doors in 1200 long doglegs 800 door in 1200 dogleg Door on corner edge 1 side, and nothing on the other. No corner blocks 800 door in 1000 return 1st course = Corner return short, Quarter, Corner Return long 700 dogleg
1st course = Corner Return short, Quarter, Corner Return short. 2nd course. Corner Return long, Half 500 dogleg 500 returns use a quarter next to the long side of a corner on 1 course, and a 3/4 next to the short side of a corner the next 500 return 300 nibs use a stack bonded 3/4. Do not include these in wall entries 300 nib

Edit Show Settings How does the bond work for doors?


Keyboard: Right Arrow = Add Segment. Left Arrow = Delete Segment. Down Arrow = New Wall
Next Wall Click to add a new wall. each wall can have 1 or more segments. If the wall comes to a corner and goes on, click the arrow and add the next segment. Continue until the wall ends, then click New Wall and emter the next wall

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100 Estimator will calculate the quantity of 100 Series Blocks in a standard building. Work out which wall you'll build first. Start at the beginning and enter the length to the next corner, or the end of the wall. If it's the end, click Next Wall. If it's a corner click Add to add the next segment of this wall. Continue until the wall ends. To remove segments of a wall click Delete

When all the walls are entered correctly, select the height of the walls, number of doors, doglegs etc in the total of the building from the dropdown lists. Each different possibility for a door's location (on bond -on corner etc) will result in different types of blocks used. eg: for doors on corners, there's corners and halves and corner halves.
Make sure all the doors in the structure are accounted for in the list, and any dog legs etc are listed.

Enter any miscellaneous entries by clicking Edit show Miscellaneous. When all the measurements are correctly entered click Calculate Quantities The page will reload with he results. You can edit the data used to calculate cement, loam etc in the edit boxes at top right. These are pre-set to standard values.

100 Series Concrete Block - 800mm steel door frame bond

Door on corner return. Corner returns + Corner return halfs, (or halfs and quarters) to corner side, stretchers + halfs to other side
Door on corner return. Corner returns + Corner return halfs, (or halfs and quarters) to corner side, stretchers + halfs to other side

100 Series Door on Edge
Door on edge of corner - No corner return. Stretchers + halfs to corner side, Jamb blocks or cuts to other

100 Series Door on End
Door on end of wall, buts into passing wall. Jamb blocks or cuts

100 Series Door on Bond
Door on bond. Stretchers + halfs each side

DON'T BREATH THE DUST If you're cutting blocks, concrete, stone or ANYTHING and there's DUST - DON'T TAKE THE RISK
Don't cut it, or cut it wet so there's NO DUST - Silicosis Sucks

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