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Gazebo Centre Bracket Template Generator Print at 100% printer scale and cut paper template.
Auto calculate Centre Bracket links on Gazebo Calculator pages open this page and automatically generate templates for current calculation.

Enter number of sides, kingpost face width (or hip rafter thickness), Hip Rafter angle (this is less than roof angle) and length of cleats.
Click Draw Bracket to draw a template of the centre bracket.

Face Width
Hip rafter angle is less than roof angle Hip Angle
Cleat Length

Print at 100% Printer Scale Print at 100% Printer Scale

Check to ensure the printed image is to scale before marking and cutting

You can print large (full scale) template images over multiple smaller (A4 or Letter) pages and re-assemble to form a single large template.
Hit to create a large PDF of the template, with instructions on how to print. Or shorten cleats (drag the cleat length slider) to fit the page and just extend the cleat length when marking out. Check Centre Line to draw a line down cleats to mark holes.
Allow for top plumb cut Ensure uppermost hole is inset enough to allow for upper hip plumb cut setback.

Cleat Length
Gazebo roof rafter center join bracket template

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Don't cut it, or cut it wet so there's NO DUST - Silicosis Sucks
And if you're cutting wet, wear a mask - there's dust in the spray too!

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