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How to Draw an Oval - Oval Layout Calculator

Mark out Major axis A-B, and Minor axis D-E Mark and insert pins at P1 and P2,  from C   on either side Insert pin at E Tie string firmly around these 3 pins Remove pin at E, insert pencil inside string loop and with string pulled taut, rotate pencil to draw the oval.
Major A-B
Minor D-E

This oval, with major axis  and minor axis has an area of  ft²

C to P1 and P2 =
String Length =

Minor Axis

How to Draw an Oval - Oval Layout Calculator

Print full scale oval templates See also: Full Scale Printable Oval Templates You can print large full scale oval templates over 1 metre wide!
Hit the Golden button to adjust Minor Axis so the oval conforms to the Golden Ratio.

How to Mark Out a Large Ellipse or Oval - Incremental points around perimeter

Major Axis
Minor Axis
If your Ellipse is too big to mark out with pins, chord and marker, mark Major and Minor Axes and use this calculator to mark out incremental distances from the center along the Major Axis, to form the 4 curved segments of the oval.

Measure at scale Left click, release and drag to measure scale inside diagram.

Minor Axis Increments Scale

How to Mark Out a Large Oval - Incremental points around perimeter


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