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Fence Calculator - Posts Panels and Palings Spacing and Fit - Panels Between Posts

Calculate fence post, panel and paling spacings, with post placement options.
Select Cut Last Panel to keep all panels at entered width, and adjust last panel to fit. If the last panel is too short or long, or to even up both ends, select Cut Both End Panels.

Select Fit All Panels Evenly to adjust all panel lengths and post spacings to fit evenly in Total Length, at nearest under entered Panel Width.

With 'Fit All Panels Evenly' selected, check Min Gap checkbox to maintain equal paling spacing, adjusting gaps to nearest above entered Gap.

Choose end post configuration to adjust panels and posts to suit. For full size panels (no palings) select Panels instead of Palings.
Select a paling gap from the Space to Fit selector to fit full palings evenly in the main panels. Allow extra length for footing Allow extra post length for footings.

Total Length
Panel Width
Panel Height
Post Height
Post Width

Paling Width
Paling Gap

Adjust gap to fit palings evenly at or nearest above entered Gap
Space to Fit Select gaps to fit palings evenly to main panels with no end cuts
Paling Top


Total Length Scale

You Need:

Running Posts

Running Palings (near side) Mark-out

For arched panel palings, enter Panel Width = into Arched Fence Picket Lengths Calculator (Main panel width minus end gaps)

Copy Images For multiple different lengths and spacings in a fence, click to copy current diagram and add to bottom of page.

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