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Find and Set Scale From Image to Measure Objects - Set Your Scale and Measure at Scale and 100% from Image

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Move Click Green circle and drag to position Size Click Blue circle to select then Mouse-wheel to re-size. Hold down SHIFT key for opacity Remove Click Red circle to remove image
Draw a grid at entered size. Use Grid X and Grid Y sliders to align grid on image
Hit Main Image Browse and select an image containing a known measurement. Click and drag in the image to measure a known width or height. Enter this actual (full scale) known width or height (inches) in the appropriate textbox and hit Set Width Scale or Set Height Scale to calculate and set the scale of the image.

Now you can directly measure scaled dimensions in the image, or print the page at 100% printer scale and cut the scale rule to measure at scale. To use an image from the web, right click the image and choose 'Save picture as...' (or similar) to save the image locally, then browse to saved image location.

Enter Known Width or Height in Inches. eg: 61.75 or 61 3/4 or 61 3 4

When this page first loads, a demo image is displayed and the scale is set. Load a new floor plan, or any 2 dimensional image with at least 1 known dimension, to calculate its scale and directly measure other dimensions in the image.

Path Check the Path checkbox and click points in the image to draw and measure a path. Hit New Path or CTRL + SHIFT to add each path to total. For floor plans, measure total linear wall dimensions and calculate area for sheeting, tiling, paint etc.
Find dimensions for Scale Model building. Load an image of the object, set scale, enter My Scale and measure sections for the model.

Check Total Areas, then click and drag in diagram to add selection to total area.

Click points in image to draw, measure and add paths Display button to add Total Areas

Scale from image diagram
Printable scale ruler diagram

Add multiple images Click the Add Image Browse button and browse to images to add to the diagram. The image will open top left of diagram with 3 circular control buttons at its top left.
Move → Click Green circle and drag to position Size → Click Blue circle to select then Mouse-wheel to re-size. Hold down SHIFT key for opacity Remove → Click Red circle to remove image
Click, hold and drag the Green circle to position image. Click the Blue circle then mouse-wheel to re-size - Hold SHIFT Key for opacity and ALT Key to rotate. Click the Red circle to remove image.

When images are first entered, they are displayed at 50% opacity. This makes it easier to see images with a white background over the main image. To adjust image opacity, click the blue circle, hold down the SHIFT key and roll your mouse-wheel.
Click Clear Images to remove all currently displayed images.

Step by Step
1: Hit Browse to Image and load plan image from your file system. (Right click a web page image and select 'Save as..' to save locally first)

2: When the image has loaded, left click and drag to measure a known width or height. Use largest known dimension for better scale accuracy.

3: Enter the actual full scale measurement you just measured into either Known Width or Known Height box and hit Set Scale button.

4: The scale has now been set, and the scale rule calibrated. You can click and drag to measure any dimension in the image.

5: For Scale Models, enter your scale in My Scale and hit Set My Scale to show both full and scale dimensions in drag box, and display a scale rule to print (100% printer scale) cut and measure actual model dimensions from the printed image.

6: Drag the slider to increase or decrease image size, auto adjusting the image scale and rule.

Fraction to Scale: / 2/3 = 1 : 1.5

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