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Stair Calculators - Full Plans

Stair Calculator
Headroom - Stair and Stringer Diagrams.
Spiral Stair Calculator
Baluster Spacing Calculator
Imperial   |   Metric
Wall Framing Calculator

Calculate Wall Framing member placement,
sheet placement and quantities with running measurements.

Wall Framing Calculator

Imperial   |  Metric
Hip Roof Framing - Skillion - Gable

Lay out roof rafter ridge hip and creeper framing plans
Hips Ridge Commons Jacks - Lengths Angles Cuts and Template
Diagrams - Cut Templates - Setout Plans.
Rafter Calculator - Gambrel Geometry
Imperial   |  Metric

Deck Plan and Cost Calculator

Deck Cost and Plan Calculators
Deck Cost and Plan Calculators

Stumps, Bearers, Joists, Boards.
Spacings, Quantities, Costs.
Imperial   |  Metric
Pulley - Belt - Rpm
Pulley Belt RPM Calculator
Imperial   |  Metric

Pitch to Angle Calculator

Pitch to Angle Converter

Convert between Pitch and Angle.
Animated Diagrams.

Rise in Run
Baluster Spacing
Fence Post and Panel Spacing
Baluster Spacing Calculator
Imperial   |  Metric
Gambrel Roof Geometry

Gambrel Roof Geometry
Gambrel Roof Framing Geometry
Rafter and Gusset Diagrams.

Imperial   |  Metric

Concrete Rebar Calculator

Rebar Calculator

Rebar Spacing, Length and Weight.
Exact or evenly adjusted spacing,
with running placement mark out lists.
Circle Divider - Circle Math
Circle Divider
Pipe Notching Templates

Pipe Notching Templates
Print and cut pipe notching, miter and pipe through sheeting templates.
Imperial   |  Metric

Kerf Spacing Calculator for Bending Wood

Calculate Kerf Spacing for bending wood
With printable full scale set out templates.

Kerf Spacing Calculator

Imperial   |  Metric
Segmented Turning Calculator

Calculate Segment Sizes for Woodturning.

Segmented Turning Calculator
Imperial   |  Metric

Linear ~ Square ~ Cubic Cost

Linear - Square - Cubic - Cost Calculators

Imperial   |  Metric
Large Printable Text Templates

Printable text and number templates

Enter text or numbers, select font,
drag sliders to re-size + auto measure.

Print large text and number templates.
Dovetail Template Generator

Generate and print Dovetail joint templates online

Print, fold over end of wood and
cut through the template.
Imperial   |  Metric

Full Scale Printable Degree Wheels

Printable Degree Wheel
Adjustable Degree Wheels with Valve Timing
Imperial   |  Metric
How to Lay Out a Square or Rectangle

Lay out a square

Enter 2 side lengths to draw diagram with
correct diagonal for square layout.
Print Cut & Fold Working Paper Sundials
Print cut and fold working paper sundials
Paper Sundials and full scale templates.

Horizontal Sundials Equatorial Sundials

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