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Adjustable Printable Scale Rulers - 1:0.5 to 1:200 - Measure at Scale From On-screen Image

Adjust scale and total ruler length and print templates at 100% printer scale.

Scale 1 :
Scale Calculator
See also: Find Scale From Image

If your plan's been re-printed or copied to different scale, use the Scale Calculator to find new scale.

Scale Total Length

Printable scale ruler adjustable scale 1:0.5 to 1:200

Printable scale ruler scale 1:1

Printable scale ruler scale 1:2

Printable scale ruler scale 1:5

Printable scale ruler scale 1:10

Printable scale ruler scale 1:20

Printable scale ruler scale 1:50

Printable scale ruler scale 1:100

Printable scale ruler scale 1:200
Scale from Plan or On-screen Image Take a measurement from plan or on-screen image and enter it and the actual length it represents to calculate the scale.
For an on-screen image, measure the known dimension of an object in the image (eg: a wheel diameter)
See also: Find Scale From Image

Calculate Scale Enter Inches Help
Measured Length (Plan)
Actual Length

Measure at Scale
Measured Length Inches
Scale 1 :
Full Scale

Measured Length

Scale from On-screen Image Measure at Scale From On-screen Image
Use a full scale ruler to measure a known measurement from an image on-screen. In the Calculate Scale dialog, enter this measurement into Measured Length and the actual full scale measurement into Full Scale Length. Hit Calculate Scale to calculate the scale. This enters the scale into the lower Measure at Scale dialog. Now, measure any length from screen image or plan, enter into Measured Length and hit Calculate to calculate the actual full scale length.

If scaling from an on-screen image, you can enlarge the image on the screen for more accurate measurements.
Hold down the CTRL key and hit + to enlarge, - to decrease size and 0 to re-set to 100% (normal).

Un-check Top Border to remove ruler top line. Once the paper is cut or folded, this can make it easier to align and read from the scaled plan.

Check Total Inches to increment every inch, displaying the total inches instead of inches (1-12) in each foot. Select standard scales from the dropdown, or enter custom scale directly.

Measure full scale templates Measure Full Scale Template Image Dimensions On-screen
Many calculators on this site create Full Scale Printable Templates
To measure full scale template dimensions directly from your screen (if the screen is not 100% scale) adjust the top ruler to match an actual ruler, then print and cut lower ruler to measure directly from screen. You can also Zoom your screen in or out as above.

Adjust to match ruler

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